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Financial Institution Investigations

Applied Facts provides a broad range of services that safeguard financial institutions. Our work includes matters involving KYC, Patriot Act, BSA, AML, CIP, CDD, correspondent banks, MSBs, credit card and ATM fraud, compliance, internal fraud, kickbacks, narco-trafficking, and terrorism. We have provided investigative services for numerous financial institutions, including international and domestic banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and mezzanine investors.

Money Laundering Applied Facts staff includes; forensic accountants forensic computer specialists, former law enforcement and investigative attorneys. They work together to form a formidable analytical edge against money laundering entities and individuals. Coupled with our ability to gather intelligence about criminal or terrorist entities, we will effectively thwart their efforts to transfer moneys through your business.

KYC & Bank Secrecy We have particular expertise in conducting international on the ground investigations and due diligence information required to be in compliance with bank regulatory laws. Applied Facts has performed investigative due diligence for financial institutions in 142 countries. Our in-country agents include attorneys with expertise in local regulatory and privacy laws.

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